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Trying to find a Yoga Expert is tricky. Especially if you don’t know where to start. We do the heavy lifting for you. Just give us some insight into your project and we’ll give you a list of Yoga Experts that are perfect for your project. Finding the right person for your business is key, so we take the pressure off. Browse, compare, read their reviews and interact with the experts directly to help you make the right choice.

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Need some Yoga expertise? Tell us about the sort of support you need, the goals you’re looking to hit, how local they need to be and your timeline. We’ll then go searching for the freelancers, agencies and consultants that are the best match for what you’re looking to achieve.
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We’ll collate our research from our vast network of Yoga experts and send you a list of quotes from freelancers, agencies and consultants. View your free quotes at your leisure, comparing prices, expertise and experience to find your match.
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At Avergo, we want to help you find the perfect professional to help your 
Yoga sing! So explore your expert’s credentials, read reviews and ask them questions directly. Once you’ve done your research, accept quotes with a click of a button.
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How Avergo does the work for you

Choosing the perfect platform

You can feel confident that your freelancer, consultant or agency will advise you on the best platform to reach and exceed your goals. Whether you have a clear idea of the platforms you want to use or are happy to be guided, they will work with you to create a killer social media strategy. As a retail business, it might be perfecting your Instagram feed or if you’re in B2B, LinkedIn might be the route to go.

Managing your campaigns

Whether you’re looking for continuous social media coverage or smash your paid media, Avergo will help you to find the professional best suited to your campaign. From influencer specialists to lead generation experts - we’re on hand to sift through some of the best experts around and provide you with a shortlist primed to help you hit your business goals.

Organic strategy, ideation and creative

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool to grow and connect with your target audience. Working from your goals, your social media specialist will create a steadfast strategy and campaign plan. The creative stage will then begin, bringing your brand to life with copy, design and viral video and imagery. Increasing your brand awareness, building customer loyalty and even securing sales.
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Why is Yoga important for business

Social media is a crucial part of your business' marketing strategy. Here's how you can leverage it to make a real impact.
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Harness Social
A boutique social media agency that delivers great results! We combine big agency experience with the personal approach that our clients expect. Work with us to develop engaging creatives that resonate with your audience and amplify your reach.

A professional perspective

What do you think is great about social media?

Social media is a great leveller. Whether you’re a small or big brand, it’s a place where you can speak and advertise to your target market with ease. It plays such a huge role in our lives, that you can find granular demographics and pin down their social media usage accurately. Giving us the ability to push out hyper-targeted content to exactly the right audiences. Social Media is a powerful tool that can really help to grow businesses.

Do you specialise in any platforms?

It all really depends on the client we’re working with. For Business to Consumer products, Instagram and Facebook are our go-to as they allow a level of specificity. For Business to Business, we primarily use LinkedIn. And whilst these are our go-to platforms we often step out of our realms, creating content for TikTok for example. Whatever suits the client's needs and goals, we’ll share our wisdom.

What makes a successful campaign?

Ultimately it’s about combining your knowledge of your audience (data) and creative. These two elements have a symbiotic relationship - meaning that your creative should reflect what your data is telling you about what your audience likes to see. It's also key to use data to make decisions on posting schedule, time and how to engage with your audience. Quality content is essential now more than ever, as there is a lot of competition for attention online - imagery, video and copy should all be cohesive and engaging.

Why should a client choose you?

We pride ourselves on being true specialists. Creating bespoke and result-driven social media campaigns and content. Trying to be seen in the crowded social media space can be tough, but with our years of experience and knowledge working in the space, we’re confident we can make your social media campaign a success - whatever that looks like for you.

The average price of Yoga experts is $1000 per month

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The average rating for Avergo Social Media Marketing Experts is 4.47, based on 347 reviews.

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